Apple iPhone 5 units due to a small percentage of low battery life problems facing and therefore requires constant charge that after finding your iPhone battery replacement program is activated 5. Apple iPhone 5 units only limited series number are facing the issue of the series that claims.

iPhone 5 battery issues facing the 2013 units sold sometime between September and January of 2012, and were eligible for a free battery. iPhone 5 To address the need to replace the battery, simply enter the serial number on Apple's replacement site. The user then Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple technical support through Apple retail stores can get a battery replacement.

According to Macrumours already paid to get their batteries replaced, the iPhone 5 users are entitled to a refund. "Apple's support site now provides coverage program, which also March 1, 2015, or until the first retail sale of the unit after the iPhone 5 battery covers for two years, says the report says.

Replacement program has started in the US and China, and in addition, Apple also has a faulty sleep/wake button that iPhone 5 units is offering a replacement program on August 29 to be extended to other countries. This program solves the issue without any extra cost are found to get users.

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